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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check before booking.

About Sightseeing

QDo you have a sightseeing plan?

There are many sightseeing plans chosen by the “hospitality driver” and standard sightseeing plans.
Plan list

QCan we create our original itinerary?

Based on your preferences, we propose courses that best suits you.

Vehicle information

QHow many choices do you have with your vehicles' riding capacity?

○Medium-sized vehicles can ride up to 4 to 6 people. (The 6-seater is a minivan type.)
○Jumbo-sized vehicles can ride up to 9 people.

QDo you have welfare vehicles?

We do not have welfare vehicle, but we have universal design taxis that you can get on the vehicle while on your wheelchair.
Please contact us if you wish.

About taxi drivers

QCan we choose our driver?

You can appoint a driver of your preference. However, he/she may not be available depending on their shift.

Other questions

QCan we book in advance?

Booking is available from one month prior to the travel date.

QCan we cancel our booking?

Please contact us for cancellation at least 24 hours before the pickup time. After that, you will be charged with cancellation fee.

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